Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Professional Community 15.2.26430.15
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise  Professional  Community 15.2.26430.15

Visual Studio 2017 is an integrated development environment with extensive capabilities for creating stunning applications for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services. Visual Studio 2017 is available in three editions: the free Community Edition, which combines all Express-versions, and the paid Professional Edition for small projects and Enterprise Edition for large projects. Today, the Visual Studio 2017 family of tools contains an IDE, a collaboration service for Visual Studio Team Services, an on-premise version known as TFS, a complete solution for implementing a full cycle of mobile application development - Visual Studio Mobile Center, a cross-platform Visual Code Editor Studio Code (available for Mac, Linux and Windows), as well as a preview version of Visual Studio for Mac. With each version of the tools, Microsoft is trying to take into account the wishes of developers and make them more convenient to create applications for almost any platform. The result is a huge interest and more than 21 million instrument installations to date.

Visual Studio features:

Testing tools. Visual Studio includes standard testing tools that allow for high quality code. Take advantage of encoded UI tests that automate the testing of user interfaces in Web applications and Windows applications, as well as unit testing, code coverage, and analysis of the impact of testing.
Development of databases. Database development requires the same care and attention as application development. Visual Studio includes deployment and change management tools that allow for constant synchronization of the database and the application.
Debugging and diagnostics. Code analysis tools allow you to avoid typical programming errors before running applications in production. Customizing code analysis in Visual Studio is very easy due to rule sets that are designed for specific scenarios or important parts of the code. In addition, code metrics provide easy and convenient maintenance of the generated code.
Integrated development environment. Visual Studio 2015 provides a complete set of tools for managing a digital workplace. The system includes such customizable features as support for multiple monitors, which allows you to organize your work most conveniently. You can fully discover your creativity with the help of visual designers designed for the newest platforms.
Support for the development platform. Using Visual Studio, you can implement your ideas on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Windows Server, Office, SharePoint, the web environment, the cloud environment and many others, thanks to a single integrated development environment.
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The creation of successful applications implies a clear and smooth process, convenient for all participants of the working group. Built-in application lifecycle management tools in Visual Studio provide effective interaction and collaboration at all stages, as well as visual representation of the project status, simplifying the cost-effective creation of high-quality solutions.
Team Foundation Server. Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a collaboration platform based on the Microsoft application lifecycle management solution. TFS automates and optimizes the software release process. In addition, it provides tracking of all phases and presenting the status of the project in real time for all participants in the working group through effective reporting tools and dashboards.

New features of Visual Studio 2017:

Development: fast navigation, writing and correction of code
New installation options. Reduced the minimum space required for an accelerated installation with advanced configuration options, and added support for standalone installations.
Integrated development environment Visual Studio. Many improvements in Visual Studio 2017, including accelerated startup and download of the solution, improved logins and credentials, improved code navigation, open folders and connected services, allow you to establish a connection between the application and any local or cloud service.
Visual C ++. In the version of 2017 there were no significant changes (compared with the version of 2015). Improved consistency of C ++ 14, support for CMake, accelerated build and performance in the editor.
C # and Visual Basic. Extended support for the features of the language C # 7.0 and Visual Basic 15, and added new refactoring procedures that allow you to organize the source code in one action.
F # - support for the features of the language F # 4.1, improvements to the compiler F # and FSharp.Core, as well as a new editor based on Roslyn Workspaces.
javascript and TypeScript. TypeScript 2.1 is available for all TypeScript projects in Visual Studio. A new javascript language service is available, which is enabled by default.
Debugging: easy debugging, profiling and code diagnostics
Debugging and Diagnostics - the error correction wizard has been revised and code navigation has been speeded up using the run function until it is clicked. In addition, there was a new summary of application events in the diagnostic tool window and several improvements were made to the CPU tool.
Testing: comprehensive testing tools help to write high-quality code
Dynamic unit testing. Visualization of the results of unit testing and the volume of the tested code directly in the editor.
Testing tools. Associate automation with the work items of a test case using the test browser.
Collaboration. The version control system makes the development flexible, and the collaborative work is efficient.
New functions of Git in Team Explorer and update connectivity. Work more efficiently with Git in Visual Studio 2017 and easily find the projects and repositories you need to connect to.
Expansion. Develop your own extensions to customize to your needs.
Visual Studio extensions. Develop your own extensions to customize Visual Studio for you.
The ability to detect project templates and elements. The way in which project templates and elements are used by the Visual Studio environment is completely changed to improve the performance of template detection.

Advanced tools

.NET Core and ASP.NET Core. The final release of .NET Core 1.0 tools based on MSBuild. Using Visual Studio 2017, you can create .NET Standard libraries, .NET Core applications and libraries, and ASP.NET Web projects that use the new CSPROJ format.
Tools for developing universal Windows applications. This includes updates to the .NET Native tool chain, the NuGet platform for the .NET Core, the new productivity tools, and the SDK support for upgrading Windows 10 for designers.
Xamarin. In Xamarin 4.3 added support for tvOS, improved support for the iOS resource catalog and XML editing capabilities.
Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova - a new browser-based simulator allows you to quickly write code and immediately view the results.
Tools Node.js for Visual Studio. The emphasis is on stability, productivity and product quality.
Visual Studio Tools for Unity. Visual Studio tools for Unity 3 are now available together with the workload "Develop games with Unity" in the new Visual Studio installer.
Tools Redgate Developer Tools Core Edition. To extend the capabilities of DevOps to the development of SQL databases in Visual Studio, Redgate Developer Tools Core Edition tools are now included that contain Redgate ReadyRoll, SQL and SQL Search.
NuGet. Now NuGet supports storing the package dependency information directly in the project files as references to the package, as well as the ability of transient links to the package.
Tools for XAML applications - the XAML Runtime Toolbar now allows you to track the focus. The performance of XAML is enhanced by the "Modify and Continue" operation of XAML, the enhancements to the XAML editor and performance optimization.
SQL Server Data Tools. The latest version of SQL Server Data Tools provides support for new functions of the SQL Azure database and SQL Server 2016.
Analysis tools for developers. Visual Studio 2017 includes analysis tools for developers of version 8.6 with many improvements to Application Insights and HockeyApp in Visual Studio.
Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio - includes Office developer tools with the latest features and updates.
Dynamic check of dependencies of the real-time annotation architecture for dependency check schemes (also called layer schemes).


The developer command line is the optimization of scripts to support the new installation process.
Azure SDK for .NET package. Now this package is available in the new Visual Studio installer.
An improved workflow for sending reviews about Visual Studio. More convenient for teamwork is the process of creating a report on the problem. Search, subscribe and vote for the latest updates on all reviews.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise  Professional  Community 15.2.26430.15

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